Hand Embroidery Tips: All About Scissors

October 25, 2016

Hand Embroidery Tips: All About Scissors

I'm often asked on Instagram about the embroidery scissors frequently featured in my images, so I thought I'd share a rundown of my essential scissors for hand embroidery work.

For trimming and preparing fabric: 

I almost exclusively work on linen, which I usually order as a yard or more. To trim down fabric to the size I plan to work with, I use basic Fiskars 8-inch orange-handled scissors. I also use Fiskars pinking shears to trim the edges of the fabric. These scissors create a zigzag pattern along the edge that prevents the fabric from unraveling - a must - so you don't end up with little pieces of fabric falling into your lap! 

Fiskars 8-Inch Orange-Handled Scissors

Fiskars 8-Inch Pinking Shears 

For trimming embroidery floss:

My two tips for embroidery scissors - 1) make sure they are very sharp and 2) make sure they are comfortable. I treat scissors as an investment since I'm using them all day long. Cheap embroidery scissors do not do the job well!

My all-time favorite scissors are Studio Carta's crane scissors. These scissors, imported from Rome and crafted from steel, are amazing! Angela Liguori, the owner of Studio Carta, also stocks a gorgeous collection of ribbon. 

Studio Carta Crane Scissors

I've also been using these Gingher 4-Inch embroidery scissors a lot lately. They are equally as sharp, and I really like that the handle for your fingers is larger than standard embroidery scissors. 

Gingher 4-Inch Large Handle Embroidery Scissors

Finally, I occasionally use little thread snippers. They don't have a handle, so you have a little less control, but they are easy to use and pack easily. 

And good news, you can bring small embroidery scissors (a 4-inch blade or shorter) on the airplane. 

Clover Kuroha 4 1/4-Inch Thread Clipper

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