Hand Embroidery Tips: My Favorite Embroidery Tool

June 27, 2016

Hand Embroidery Tips: My Favorite Embroidery Tool

My hand embroidery is all stitched freehand, meaning that I don't sketch out a design beforehand or use a pattern. At the same time, I usually have an overall shape in mind for my finished embroidery that corresponds to how I wanted the piece to matted and framed. So before I start stitching, I trace out that shape using my secret weapon: DMC's transfer pen

DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen

This magical little pen works just like a regular blue marker, except it's water soluble, so the blue ink disappears with water.

Happy Cactus Designs Hand Embroidered Artwork

There are many different types of fabric pens out there, but I like this DMC pen the best because it doesn't disappear until you apply water to the fabric (I've had issues with this pen - the pink marking disappears quickly!). The only downside is that the markings obviously don't really show up on dark fabric. 

If you are into tracing patterns directly onto your fabric, writing out letters, or creating outline shapes like I do, I highly recommend this pen.

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