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Beyond "Thinking of You": The New Good Vibes Card

Posted on May 21, 2015 by Brannon Cullum Addison | 0 Comments

Oftentimes when a friend or family member is going through a tough time I want to send them a card to let them know they are on my mind. Sometimes "thinking of you" can feel a bit formal (although my "thinking of you" lavender card remains a bestseller), so I wanted to design a card in a fresh color palette that was a little more cheery and upbeat. Let me introduce you to the new good vibes card:

Pretty cheerful, right? My other goal with this card was for it to be a bit more general and not just a sympathy or condolence card. Sometimes it's hard to know just what to say when someone is going through a tough time, but jotting a quick note does not go unappreciated. Even a quick "I'm here for you" or "Sorry you are having to go through this" goes a long way. Find the card in the shop here

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Halloween Greeting Cards in the Shop

Posted on October 02, 2014 by Brannon Cullum Addison | 0 Comments

I can't believe it's already October! I'm in prep mode for the holiday rush that will be here before we know it. But first, Halloween! Here are two Halloween cards that you can find in the shop - one featuring a hand-drawn pattern of bats, the other celebrating the candy goodness that is candy corn. 

Happy Halloween Bats Card

Trick or Treat Candy Corn Card

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Thank You Card: Original Drawing and Final Product

Posted on September 26, 2014 by Brannon Cullum Addison | 0 Comments

I was cleaning up my office the other day and came across this original drawing for the Thanks Garden card. Here it is alongside the final product!

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Trendspotting: Black and White Windowpane Grid

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Brannon Cullum Addison | 0 Comments

While flipping through fashion magazines this weekend, I came up a great spread in Elle about the growing black and white windowpane trend. I think these picks look quite nice next to Happy Cactus' "on-trend" black and white grid flat note card! Pick it up in the shop here.

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New Product: Keeping You in My Thoughts Card

Posted on June 04, 2014 by Brannon Cullum Addison | 0 Comments

One card that is always nice to have on hand is a general thinking of you card. I feel like it's hard to find non-cheesy cards in the sympathy or sending positive thoughts your way categories, so good thing I can design my own! My intention was to design a cheerful card that could hold many purposes - for someone going through a tough time, someone who has lost a family member, or someone who is ill. 

This design started with a row of hand-drawn tulips. Compared to some of my other more detailed floral designs, I kept things very simple. I selected a color palette that was bold and uplifting - reds, blues, pinks, greens, and yellows. "Keeping you in my thoughts" was hand-lettered by me in a loose script. 

You can find this card in the shop here

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Cactus Print Party Dresses from Matthew Williamson

Posted on April 04, 2014 by Brannon Cullum Addison | 1 Comment

I really enjoy browsing Net-A-Porter and checking out beautiful patterns, prints, and color combinations from the world of high fashion. As someone who has a huge love of cacti and succulents (if the name of my company isn't a dead giveaway), I am swooning over these Matthew Williamson cactus garden dresses. They are now at the top of my fashion wish list! 

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Pairs Well With...

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Brannon Cullum | 0 Comments

The Garden Blues Floral note card pairs well with Furbish Studio's beautiful vintage Suzani textile with silk embroidery. 

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