Trendspotting: Black and White Windowpane Grid

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Brannon Cullum Addison | 0 Comments

While flipping through fashion magazines this weekend, I came up a great spread in Elle about the growing black and white windowpane trend. I think these picks look quite nice next to Happy Cactus' "on-trend" black and white grid flat note card! Pick it up in the shop here.

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New Product: Keeping You in My Thoughts Card

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One card that is always nice to have on hand is a general thinking of you card. I feel like it's hard to find non-cheesy cards in the sympathy or sending positive thoughts your way categories, so good thing I can design my own! My intention was to design a cheerful card that could hold many purposes - for someone going through a tough time, someone who has lost a family member, or someone who is ill. 

This design started with a row of hand-drawn tulips. Compared to some of my other more detailed floral designs, I kept things very simple. I selected a color palette that was bold and uplifting - reds, blues, pinks, greens, and yellows. "Keeping you in my thoughts" was hand-lettered by me in a loose script. 

You can find this card in the shop here

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Cactus Print Party Dresses from Matthew Williamson

Posted on April 04, 2014 by Brannon Cullum Addison | 1 Comment

I really enjoy browsing Net-A-Porter and checking out beautiful patterns, prints, and color combinations from the world of high fashion. As someone who has a huge love of cacti and succulents (if the name of my company isn't a dead giveaway), I am swooning over these Matthew Williamson cactus garden dresses. They are now at the top of my fashion wish list! 

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Pairs Well With...

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Brannon Cullum | 0 Comments

The Garden Blues Floral note card pairs well with Furbish Studio's beautiful vintage Suzani textile with silk embroidery. 

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New Hand-Drawn Patchwork Lines Patterned Note Card

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Brannon Cullum | 0 Comments

A number of the new cards I introduced at this year's National Stationery Show have a strong modern, simple, geometric influence, including the Patchwork Lines patterned note card. I created a pattern out of simple hand-drawn line motifs and used a color palette of bright red, marigold yellow, and purple. These three colors remind me of my grandmother - she always wore and appreciated bright, cheerful colors. The Patchwork Lines card is available as a single card or a boxed set of 10 cards here

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New Thank You Triangles Modern Blue and Black Patterned Note Cards

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Brannon Cullum | 0 Comments

After launching my debut collection in 2011-2012, I had many requests to add more masculine thank you card options to my line. Guys need to write thank you notes, too, right?

When designing my Spring 2013 collection, this focus was one my mind. For the card below, I drew two small triangles and decided to use a navy blue and black combination. A pattern was created with the triangles and "Thank You" was inserted using a thin minimalist font. 

I love the end result, and many buyers did, too! This card was one of my top three sellers at the Stationery Show this year! You can buy the Thank You Triangles card in the shop here

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New Tribal Patterned Black and White Hand Drawn Thank You Note Cards

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Brannon Cullum | 0 Comments

One of my favorite new releases from the collection I debuted at the Stationery Show is the Tribal Lines Thank You note card

I created an organic diamond pattern based off hand-drawn triangle and dot shapes I drew. While I love love love color, I decided to design this card using only black and white. It's both simple and complex, timeless and on-trend. 

The Tribal Lines Thank You card is available as a single or as a boxed set of 10 cards. Shop it here

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