Friday Favorites

December 13, 2013

It's finally Friday. I pulled together some of my favorites above for a photo to promote free shipping in the shop through Saturday. Use code MERRY at checkout. Now, onto this week's favorites:
DESIGN // Paper Crave has a great round-up on her holiday posts. I was so fortunate to be in her first card round-up, and love seeing all of the talented work other designers have come up with this holiday season. 
SMALL BUSINESS // From the mind of Seth Godin, "Eight email failures." 
READ // How The Simpsons Brand Took Over the World
EYE CANDY // Loving the George Clooney photo shoot for W Magazine, customized by the polka dot queen, Yayoi Kasuma. 
WATCH // Excellent talk by Brene Brown about "Why your critics aren't the ones who count." 
LISTEN // Gregory Alan Isakov's Evelyn on repeat. 

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