5 Tips for Approaching Bloggers About Your Products

May 02, 2013

Since I launched Happy Cactus Designs, I have been very fortunate to have my products featured on a number of design, stationery, and lifestyle blogs. I'm often asked how I have managed to be featured on such wonderful blogs, so I thought I'd share a few tips here. 

1. Be familiar with and actually read the blog you are approaching. 

When I started my company, I was already an avid reader of many of these types of blogs. Once I launched my collection, this came in handy because I already had a number of blogs in mind that I felt would be a good fit for  my products. You can only figure this out by actually reading a blogger's posts to see if your items would be something they would be likely to share about. 

2. Read the blogger's FAQs and submission details. 

Many bloggers include detailed information on their blogs about what types of submissions they are looking for, how you should approach them (even down to what the email subject line should be), and what size photographs they prefer. Search around on the blog's site - you can usually find this information under Contact, Submissions, or FAQs.

3. Follow the steps for submission!

Now that you know the requirements for submitting a product, follow these steps! For example, if a blogger requests that all photographs should be 72 dpi and at least 600 pixels wide, then re-size your photos accordingly! Adhering to their guidelines and following their directions for submissions helps the blogger and increases the likelihood that he or she will consider your pitch. 

4. Pay attention to the calendar. 

This is especially important when it comes to stationery and paper blogs that often feature product posts related to specific holidays or events. Bloggers need plenty of lead time so they can organize these types of posts. Want to submit a Christmas card to a blog? Don't wait until a week before Christmas. Instead, plan to submit at least a month ahead of time. Many bloggers plan their editorial calendars weeks in advance and won't be able to consider your submission if you send it in too late. 

5. Follow up if need be, but don't be a pest.

Once you hit "send" on your email to a blogger, you may get an auto-reply thanking you for your submission and details about what will happen next. Alternatively, the blogger may respond to you personally. If you don't hear from a blogger in a week or two, you can send a quick and brief follow-up email to check in. Don't be surprised if you don't hear anything, though. Maybe you product just wasn't a good fit or the blogger doesn't have the ability or time to respond to every single request. 

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