Seek What is Great

June 10, 2013

While working on orders, I try to listen to podcasts. My favorite one is By the Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin. Jeff plays "Jeff" on Curb Your Enthusiasm, one of my all-time favorite shows. For his podcast, Jeff interviews influential people in the entertainment industry in front of a live audience. Past guests have included Larry David, Lena Dunham, Jeff Tweedy, and Will Ferrell (the guest list is like a who's who of my favorite entertainers/creatives). The interviews are equal parts entertaining, interesting, engaging, and hilarious. This past week, while sleeving cards and packing orders from the National Stationery Show, I was listening to Jeff interview Matthew Weiner, the creator of Mad Men. Weiner spends a lot of time talking with Jeff about how he rose the ranks in Hollywood to get to where he is today. While speaking about how he was so inspired to become a better writer after seeing the film Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, he said he learned to "seek what is great and it will inspire you."

This quote struck me in particular as I had just arrived back in Austin after a week spent amongst other stationery designers at the National Stationery Show. Being around so much talent in a confined area can feel overwhelming, but also incredibly inspiring. I returned from NSS feeling ready to push myself more as an artist and to take more risks. Being at NSS is a great reminder that the community of stationery people also serves to inspire greatness in yourself. 

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