Happy Cactus for Valentine's Day Part 1: Old Favorites

January 14, 2014

In the stationery industry, seasonal designs are planned well in advance. For Happy Cactus, Christmas 2013 designs were first released in May, with a second release of additional designs in early August. It's has been a little tricky for me to create fresh designs for a holiday so far in advance, but it's becoming more natural as I become more seasoned as a stationery and greeting card designer.

Out of a variety of card categories, my love cards have been my strongest sellers to date, and I am very excited about the latest cards I'll be introducing this season. While I love a great Valentine's Day card, I prefer general love cards that can be used for a variety of occasions - a new relationship, an anniversary, a wedding celebration….the list goes on. Here's a round-up of some of my old favorites and best-sellers:


Heart Drops: One of the first cards I ever designed also remains one of my most popular cards to date.

Love Birds: The teal green background makes the sweet and colorful flowers really pop. I love the "Love Birds" hand-lettered sentiment.

Be My Valentine: The sentiment is surrounded by tons of tiny hand-drawn hearts. The hearts remind me of little doodles you might draw in your notebook when pining over a new love.

Love Heart Blocks: Spell out your love with letter comprised of tiny hand-drawn hearts. I love this combination of colors and used a similar scheme for my Thank You Zigzag card.

I'll be sharing my new releases for Valentine's Day soon, so stay tuned!

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