Happy Cactus for Valentine's Day Part 2: New Releases

January 17, 2014

I shared my favorite best-selling Valentine's Day in Part 1. Here in Part 2, I'm excited to share my latest releases for Valentine's Day with you!

I'm Crazy For You Foxes: I drew these sweet little foxes and the sentiment just paired so well with it. I also love the minty green and white heart background.

I'm Bananas for You: While brainstorming new designs, I had a list of sweet love sentiments and I kept coming back to this one. I created a simple banana pattern using a thick brush pen. The hand-lettering is bold and declarative.

Hubba Hubba: This design always reminded of this clip from The Simpsons. I experimented with a new fat brush pen to create thick letters, and then created an XO pattern to add some depth to the design.

Be My Valentine: While many of my designs are pattern-driven and intricate, I wanted to design a card that was simple, yet bold in its declaration. I like the mix of simple cursive letters with thicker capitalized letters.

My Sweet Valentine: Sometimes the smallest doodle in my sketchbook becomes the basis for a card's primarily design element. I sketched a simple heart with tear drop shapes extending from it and knew it would make a great border.

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