How to Write a Thank You Note

January 06, 2014

Happy 2014! I'm back from a restful holiday break and ready to take on the new year. Over the past few days, I've spent some time writing thank you notes to friends and family members who gave me Christmas gifts. Growing up in the South, I learned at a young age to always write thank you notes not only for gifts, but also to hosts for events you are invited to attend as well as to people who do you favors or take time to help you out. As the handwritten note becomes more rare, your thoughtfulness in choosing to write one over dashing off an email or text message stands out. 

Here's a few guiding tips for writing a thank you note:

- Use appropriate stationery! Have thank you notes or multi-purpose cards on hand. Better yet, invest in a set of custom notecards personalized with your name. 

- Be timely. Try to get your thank you notes out within a week of receiving a gift or attending an event. That said, if you forget, it's never too late to send a note. The recipient will appreciate the note no matter how late. 

- Personalize what you say. Don't just thank the person for what they gave you, but tell them how you plan on using it. Express your gratitude for someone treating you to dinner, and also mention what you enjoyed most about the meal. 

- Close by mentioning how you look forward to seeing the person again soon or sending them your best wishes. 

What are your tips for writing thank you notes?

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