Two New Hand-Drawn Wedding Cards for Spring

January 28, 2014

It may be below freezing here in Austin, but I have springtime on my mind. More specifically, spring weddings. As part of my early 2014 new product release, I introduced two new wedding cards

First, the Happy Wedding Date Dotted Heart card features my own hand-lettering and hand-drawn dots. I love the turquoise green and pink palette. 

Next, the Wedding Bouquet card has instantly become my new favorite. The idea for this card - a bride holding a large bouquet of flowers - was stuck in the back of my head, and it was such a relief to finally get it out on paper!

I think it makes a great card for a wedding or bridal shower. I chose a soft pastel palette for the flowers and used a light pink background to help the body stand out. On Instagram I shared the original bouquet ink drawing alongside the final product. 

You can shop both wedding cards here

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