Three Must Haves for a More Ergonomic Desk Space

September 08, 2014

I spend a lot of time at my desk and have been making adjustments to ensure that my desk space is more ergonomic. Aside from working on my posture and taking frequent stretch breaks, these three products have really helped to improve how I function at my desk. 

Aeron chair with lumbar support

This chair is amazing and hands down one of the best desk chairs on the market. While it is quite pricey, you can usually find gently used ones on Craigslist. I perused listings for weeks and was finally able to locate an unused chair going for nearly half off the retail price!

mStand laptop stand

No more hunching over to look at the laptop screen! This stand keeps my screen at eye level. 

Anker ergonomic mouse

A few months ago I began experiencing some weird nerve pain that I associated with using my standard wireless mouse. One of the changes I made was investing in this more ergonomic mouse. It reduces strain on your wrist because you grip the mouse more naturally like a handshake. The pain is now gone!

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