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October 13, 2015

It's hard to believe that we are halfway through September! The air is getting a little cooler and the leaves are just starting to turn. Here are some of my favorite finds over the past month!

Watch: La Blogothèque's Take Away Shows are some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube. Singers and bands perform their music unannounced around the streets of of Paris. Soul singer (and fellow Texan) Leon Bridges recently did one you can view here. He is just so good!

Listen (Music): I've had one new album on repeat lately - Glen Hansard (of The Frames and The Swell Season) has a new solo album called Didn't He Ramble. It's a mix of pensive, brooding ballads and more upbeat, smile-inducing songs. 

Listen (Podcast): Hidden Brain from NPR is my favorite new podcast. It explores "the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, the biases that shape our choices, and the triggers that direct the course of our relationships." I especially like how it's broken down into different segments and injects a sense of humor into the complex topics it breaks down.

Read: If you've ever come across a display of Mast Brothers chocolate in a store, you have probably oogled the amazing ariety of patterns they use on their packaging. This interview from Sight Unseen with Mast Brothers' creative director Nathan Warkentin about what influences the packaging design is a must read!

Follow: My new favorite Instagram feed is @thepostalproject. They post a photo of one post office each day. I love seeing the variety and uniqueness of small town post offices! 

Blog: Maybe it's the changing season and the cooler temps, but lately I've been bookmarking a lot of recipes for soups, muffins, and other savory and sweet dishes. In particular, I've been all of the delicious recipes on Joy the Baker's blog. Apple Pie Biscuits, anyone?

Shop: I can't make it to the Victoria and Albert Museum's new exhibition on The Fabric of India (so sad to miss!), but I have been eyeing everything in the museum's webshop. This poppy scarf is a favorite. 

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