Who to Send Mini Valentines To?

February 01, 2016

As I've mentioned before, mini Valentines are some of my favorite products to create. These adorable minis come in packs of 8 so you have plenty to go around. I prefer to give them along with a little candy or chocolate.

Happy Cactus Designs mini Valentines

But just who is deserving of a mini Valentine?! Here's some ideas of who to give out mini Valentines to:

- Classmates

- All of your grandkids

- Secret (or not so secret) crushes 

- Your office co-workers or your employees if you're the boss

- Your students (as a former teacher, I loved giving out Valentines to my students)

- The important people in your life in need of a little love: the postman, the FedEx delivery guy, your hair stylist, your dry cleaner

- Your group of girlfriends

- Your exercise buddies, bridge group, or sewing club 

- Your parents, in-laws, brothers, and sisters

- Your neighbors

Happy Cactus Designs mini Valentines

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