Top 3 Items for Keeping an Organized Workspace

October 08, 2013

How often do you feel like you are running out of desk space? I felt like I was constantly making crazy piles and losing track of important pieces of paper because of my disorganized desk. I went on an expedition to find fun and functional items to organize my workspace, and these three desktop items have totally transformed my desk into a more clean and organized space where I can actually do work! 

I picked up this amazing Tube in Tube organizer from the awesome Austin boutique Nannie Inez. These thick cardboard tubes are bundled together with a thick silicone rubber band. The tubes on my desk hold everything from pens and pencils to washi tape, rulers, Pantone swatchbooks, and a calculator. It's the best organizing set I've ever had!  
Quirky's Cordies has been a lifesaver when it comes to organizing the various cords coming from my printer/scanner, monitor, and keyboard. I no longer have to search for cords hidden behind my desk. 
I realized I was quickly losing valuable desktop space to file folders, notepads, and binders. I found the perfect solution - See Jane Work's Desktop Organizer. Now I can quickly find important documents and free up prized space that had been previously covered in piles.
What is your favorite item for keeping your deskspace organized?

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