Love is Mightier

February 17, 2016

This past December, Emily Blistein, the owner behind Happy Cactus retailer Clementine in Middlebury, Vermont, expressed her sadness over yet another act of gun violence and put out a call for designers who were equally upset to design postcards with a message of love over fear. I jumped on the opportunity to participate in this collaboration, called "Love is Mightier," and have been amazed by the wonderful work my community of stationery colleagues has produced. 

Emily introduced the first volume of postcards about a week ago and the story behind Love is Mightier has been featured in The Boston Globe and Slate. The designers donated 100% of the design and printing cost and 100% of the proceeds of each sale will go toward to organizations working to end gun violence. 

My particular postcard design champions love over fear with the message "Love More, Fear Less." I created a pattern out of a dotted heart design that reminds me of Islamic textiles.


You can purchase the first set of postcards in Emily's shop here. Stay tuned for future collection releases, too! 

Learn more at the Love is Mightier website and on Instagram @loveismightier

Photos by Jessica Sipe.

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