National Stationery Show Booth Details

May 29, 2013

In a departure from last year's white walls with hand-drawn accents, this year I decided to do blue foam core walls for my booth. I was extremely happy with the color choice because it really made my colorful products pop. When we first arrived at the Javits, the floor itself was pretty empty, so we quickly got to work laying down the foam tiles and lining up the electricians to help with my lighting. 

I then applied the vinyl decals (not as scary to do as I thought it would be). 


Since many of my cards include small, intricate details, I decided to blow up some designs to poster size and hang them along the top of the wall.

I kept the furniture simple: a modern white chair and white bookcase that doubled as a display area and storage space. Since my booth was on a corner, I purchased two pedestals to display products and attract people walking by. The card categories were hand-written by me onto the walls using white paint pens. 

Booth details:

- Signage: I used custom vinyl decals to display my company logo and booth number. I hand-lettered the card categories onto the walls using white paint pens. 

- Flooring: I reused my oh-so-comfy faux wood foam tiles. They are the best when you are standing most of the day. It's funny how many buyers comment on how comfortable they are when they walk into your booth!

- Lighting: I splurged this year and did a parcan spotlight. The Javits electricians were able to position the parcan perfectly to highlight my products. I added additional clamp lights to fill out the lighting. Having great lighting is essential to showcasing your products and I was very happy that I went with the parcan this year.

- Walls: Custom blue foam core walls from Manny Stone. 

- Furniture: Two display pedestals, lightweight white plastic chair, and a white bookcase for product display and storing items like catalogs and samples. 

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June 28, 2014

Hello! Love your booth!!! Where did you find your foam flooring? Thank you!!!

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