Introducing the New Silver and Gold Fold Stamped Card Collection!

June 03, 2013

I'm very excited to share the latest new products from Happy Cactus Designs - the silver and gold foil stamped card collection! The collection made its official debut at the National Stationery Show in May. 

One of my goals for 2013 has been to integrate my hand-drawn illustrations and hand lettering with beautiful printing techniques. Foil stamping is eye-catching and provides a sense of luxury to the everyday greeting card. A metal die (in this case made from my hand-drawn design) is created. It is then heated up and presses or stamps the foil into the paper leaving the slightly raised impression of the design on the paper. Learn more about the process here

The collection includes birthday, thank you and congratulations cards in silver and gold foil. Each card is paired with a 100% recycled kraft envelope. 

Happy Birthday Gold Foil Balloon

Thank You Silver Foil Blossoms

Congratulations Gold Foil Fireworks

Happy Birthday Silver Foil Buds

Social Proof