New Errands to Run Notepad for All of Your To-Do Lists

June 18, 2013

One of my favorite new products that I debuted at the National Stationery Show in May was the "Errands to Run" notepad. I am a big lover of list-making and writing down to-do lists, yet found that I always have multiple lists going on different sheets of paper for all of the places I need to go. Realizing that there didn't seem to be a notepad out there that could house all of my different lists one sheet, I decided to create one of my own!

The pad has places for all of the typical places you run errands - the drug store, the grocery store, and quick stops (think bank, dry cleaners, etc.). I also left a box with a blank line for you to write in your own stop - mine is usually Target or the art supply store - and a place to jot down a quick "don't forget!" note. 

The notepad is 5.5" x 8.5" - large enough for all of your lists. It was important to me to use paper that was environmentally friendly, too. I'm happy to share that the paper for the pad is 10% post-consumer waste content and 30% recycled content. The notepad makes a great present for busy moms or as a housewarming gift! Shop the notepad here

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