How to Organize Your Hand Embroidery Threads

September 16, 2019

How to Organize Your Hand Embroidery Threads

I've blogged about the best embroidery hoops and fabric, but one of my most frequently asked questions over on Instagram is how I organize my embroidery threads. 

Keeping my threads organized is so essential to making stitching easier. I primarily work with DMC six strand cotton floss. This type of floss is typically sold in skeins. A skein is a loose coil of thread and has two label tabs on either end. DMC gives each color its own identifying number. 

When I first started, I never undid the coil; I just pulled the thread. Big mistake! Over time, these coils get knotted, twisted, and/or impossible to keep track up. 

 How to Organize Hand Embroidery Thread by Happy Cactus Designs

A peek at my thread boxes.

So what to do? I finally got smart and ordered plastic bobbins and divided thread storage boxes. They are game changers!

In my new guide, Hand Embroidery Essentials, I share direct links to where I source these supplies as well as my methods for winding bobbins and organizing the colors. In addition to these tips, I go in depth about different types of embroidery thread and where to buy them, what to do with leftover threads, and what to do if your thread color bleeds. Find the guide here!

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