March 10, 2017

I've been bad about keeping up with my monthly favorites, so I decided to switch things up and write a blog post every so often about the things I've loving. Here's my latest picks!

Listen :: Michael Kiwanuka's new album, Love & Hate, is full of deep, soulful tunes. It's a rich and beautiful album.
Use :: The Colorado climate is super drying, especially during the wintertime. I'm addicted to Lano, a lanolin ointment I use on my lips, cuticles, and other dry spots. The packaging ain't bad, either! 
Wear :: I've written before about the tools I use to help me embroider. These compression gloves have become a lifesaver. I've tried a few pairs, and these provide the most support. I love the tiny nubby dots on the palm-side that help with grip.
Listen :: Oh, how I've torn through Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Nora McIrney's podcast covers, simply, what it means to be human. Love, loss, and everything in between. 
Use :: I can't get enough of the new Oscar de la Renta stamps. These bright and bold stamps feature close-ups of some of his most iconic dresses, as well as a portrait of the designer himself. They are almost too pretty to use!
Use :: I've been making a greater effort to clean up the cosmetics I use and use products that are organic, natural, and free of harsh chemicals. Goop tipped me off to True Botanicals' nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and this duo is amazing! The scents are hands-down the best hair products I've ever smelled.
Wear :: Marimekko is reintroducing some favorites from their archive collection. I want to get my hands on one!!
Watch :: I've watched three episodes so far of Planet Earth II, the sequel to the BBC's original Planet Earth series. It is simply stunning. My husband and I are constantly commenting, "This is amazing!" and "How did they capture this?" while we watch. 


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