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Over the years, I’ve fielded many questions from newbies and advanced stitchers alike about where I source my tools and supplies. I wanted to create a comprehensive guide that answers all of these questions - and more - in one place. This guide, a digital download, details everything you need to set yourself up for success with hand embroidery. I’ve written over 33 pages of tips and resources including direct links to my favorite must-have supplies. You can expect my honest reviews and reflections on what I’ve learned over my years as a full-time embroidery artist.

This is the second edition of the guide, updated with an abundance of new resources since the guide was first published in 2019, as well as supplier updates since many businesses were affected by the pandemic (and many new small businesses started!). You won't find anything else like this out there in the market.

Sections include guides to selecting the best hoops, needles, threads, fabric, scissors, and various supplemental tools and aids, as well as methods to transfer your designs (including onto dark fabric), different ways to finish your embroidery (including framing), and an exhaustive resources list, including my go-to books, videos, online and in-person classes, patterns, and kits. Frequently asked questions are answered in many sections as well.

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Important notes to consider before purchase: 

This guide does not teach you how to stitch and it does not contain patterns. I do provide guidance about the best places to learn stitches and to purchase patterns. 

I live in the United States, so most of the resources I share are from U.S.-based companies.

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